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Comments from Solstice Flute School Participants

A letter to the Rocky Mountain Flute Circle from its coordinator.

I'm back from the Summer Solstice Flute School & Fest.

How was it?...Phenomenal & life changing!

I now have fluting friends as far away as New Zealand...who have said all are welcome to stay with them should they ever go to their neck of the woods or their place on this planet.

It was such an incredible experience at the event's new facility, the staff, teachers, and returning students all agreed they have never experienced such an amazing, spiritual, communing fluting event in the history of this event being held.

I learned from...dined & socialized with...& even played golf with some of the instructors, who are all traveling professional performers as well as music/spiritual workshop teachers.

The instructors gave their all and the students responded by soaring to heights beyond their own expectations. Even the brand new students that showed up with no experience and no flutes were playing beautifully from their hearts within days.

It was was mystical...and it was moving.

My flute playing...and my outlook on the earth in it's entirety & the precious beings that live on it, can no longer be thought of as ordinary. It's all a gift to be cherish, shared, and grateful for beyond any words.

The incredible lady, Nancy Haga, who coordinated the event asked me if I would be returning next year. I replied with out thinking, "Hell Yes!" She then asked if she could quote me on that! lol !!!" - J.D.,Colorado

"Thanks for letting shine, which she's needed to do for the last 59 years. What I like best? Just the total amazing, life-changing experience that made me feel like a kid again." - K.S., Colorado

What a fun, freeing experience it has exceeded all my expectations! Everyone was so welcoming to the Flute Family. - M.S., Colorado

It is a beautiful all-inclusive spiritual togetherness experience. Everyone is welcoming, positive & encouraging. - P.T., Michigan

Excellent instruction at all levels. Very friendly & welcoming I came not knowing anyone & felt right at home in no time at all. - Anonymous

Incredible teachers; nurturing environment. I travelled halfway around the world to attend & will definitely be back." - A.E., New Zealand

Great fluting family experience loved the whole mind/music/body experience! - .N., Tennessee

Don't hesitate! Sign up for next year's School now! You will be so happy you did! - Anonymous

An amazing experience. It's not just about the flute. It's about people of like minds coming together; celebrating life. - S.R., Utah

This is not just a flute schsool; it's a life-changing experience. The tools I've learned & connections I've made with other Fluties, will serve & support me going forward. - W.W., Idaho

Most fun I've ever had in 4 days! - Arvel Bird

My best vacation ever! - M.S., Colorado

Summer Solstice Flute School exceeded all of my expectations. I had a wonderful time and learned so much. The teachers and students were all exceptionally supportive and lovely. It was an experience that affected me on so many levels. As I reflect on the week, I realize it's far more than a Flute School. I learned even more about ME than I learned about the FLUTE. - Lynda T. Colorado

There was such dynamic energy there; it was very uplifting and refreshing. I had a wonderful week & being in a positively charged atmosphere was very healing. I do not often experience that. - Ruth G. VT.

Just got home yesterday from a wonderful, fabulous, educational, and fun week full of love and music! I thoroughly recommend this event for all you fluties. - Carol N., TN

The school for me was a magical experience, and thanks to everyone for allowing "Jake"(my dog) to participate. - Bob L., UT.

This was a wonderful event. I can already see so much added to my flute playing experience. We have the finest teachers and staff. It was well worth the time. - Rolayne Y, UT.

THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! You are truly amazing. This week has LITERALLY saved my life and changed my life. Permanently. I can't express to you adequately what you and your partners have done in my life. I truly love you all. - Tamar P., Florida

An experience I will cherish and remember for as long as I stay cognitive! I want to be more involved. You are OBVIOUSLY a blessing to sooooo many. But you all have transformed me. - Tamar P., Florida

The instructors were fantastic. The entire experience was an absolute joy. - Jeanie P.

The Summer Solstice Flute School exceeded my expectations. I felt safe and left with a greater ability to be one with my flute. The attendees were a priceless group of amazing souls people I could call friends. Thank you for sharing a "breath"taking week. You inspired music in my heart, and pollinated new friends & family into my life. - Tammara G. Buhl, ID

The event is the best way ever to spend a summer Solstice (and I have tried many great ways to celebrate the longest day of the year). It is like a large extended family from across the country it is truly awesome! - Mark H, Park City, UT

I only got to attend the flute school for two days but it opened up a whole new "Me"! It was such a nurturing environment that I felt safe to go way out of my comfort zone and try new and exciting things with my flute. I was amazed how close I became with everyone! - Liz M., Park City, UT

The Summer Solstice Flute School was freaking awesome great teachers, wonderful XXXXXnew friends, and fantastic fluting! And if you miessed the healing workshop, you missed a life changing experience. Bravo, Nancy Haga, for a great event! - Laurence F., Ft. Worth, TX