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Rona Yellowrobe Kalani Das Suzanne Teng Joe Young Morningsong Michael Graham Allen

Group 1
Stay with your Instructor all week
Level: “Hummingbirds” (Novice) 
Instructor: Shelley Morning Song – “Flute Basics for Total Beginners”

  • Getting to Know Your Flute:  History of flute, parts of the flute, playing the basic scale, learning songs, finger control, technics for getting the best sound & breath control

  • Flute Care: How to get the most out of your Native Flute for the long haul: *techniques to get the best sound and breath control,*basic ornamentation, *how songs are put together

  • Understanding & Selecting Flutes:  Learn how to quickly determine the dynamic range of a flute.  Make yourself sound better on any flute, through a quick calibration Duets:

  • Learn the first steps in playing duets:  Call & Respond, Follow the Leader, other techniques for generating spontaneous duets.

Group 2
 - Stay with your Instructor all week  
Level: “Sparrows” (Beginner
Instructor: Rona Yellow Robe – “ More information to follow.”

  • The next step after Novice

  • Rhythm and the Flute

  • Fun, Fun, FUN!!!

Ravens (Intermediate), Eagles (Advance) & Condors (Master)
will divide into three ability levels & rotate daily into each class on assigned day.  This way you can benefit from each teacher’s expertise.

Group 3 - Rotate Daily  
Level: “Ravens” (Intermediate)

This is where your wings grow!  Here you’ll learn the little tricks to create accent sounds (embellishments) and add other musical interest while playing the standard NAF scale. We’ll practice with rhythms, learn to recognize and navigate musical phrasing, and experience playing solo to backing tracks in front of a live mic.  We’ll also go over musical communication techniques so you can experiment playing with others.

Group 4 - Rotate Daily  
Level: “Eagles” (Advance)

Advance level students are typically already adept at embellishments and are very comfortable playing solo using the standard NAF scale. Playing with others can be more challenging, as it requires we “listen” with our eyes, ears and hearts, keeping a steady rhythm, recognizing phrasing, building courage to take the lead, and exercising grace to support another as they lead.  The best way to learn this, is to do it a lot.  With Joe as your musical guide, he’ll demonstrate with you as he encourages you to lead, or steps up while you support with a rhythmic flute background, and then you’ll practice with each other until it’s time to record. Alternative fingering techniques and scales will also be introduced.

Group 5 - Rotate Daily  
Level: “Condors” (Master)

Ideally, Master level students are fluent on alternative fingering techniques and scales, can utilize multiple embellishments with ease, and have experience playing with others.  We should be able to step right into the thick of jumping up in front of a mic and exercising our musical communication skills by listening and playing in duets or trios to backing tracks on the fly, in the genre of blues, jazz, mid-Eastern style, etc., using alternative flute scales.  We’ll alternate playing in different musical duets and trios until we hit a groove; you’ll know it when you feel it -and then we’ll build that into a dynamic musical interplay.  Play, play, play - and then record it!

Instructors for Ravens, Eagles & Condors

Instructor: Suzanne Teng
Learning to play and compose in the “Relative Major” and “Chinese pentatonic” scales 

We had such fun playing in the Gypsy mode last summer, let’s add to our musical vocabulary!  First we’ll learn to play these new scales and then we’ll explore them musically in solo, duet and ensemble settings with drums and percussion. From there, we’ll discover how to turn our ideas into compositions!

Instructor: Joseph L Young
Focus: De-mystifying Music to Make it More Magical

How do you break out of your comfort zone and stretch into playing with a new perspective? What is that something special about your favorite flute musicians that you aspire to play like? What do you feel is missing from your musical flute education that might be keeping you in a box? We're going to fill in the gaps of what you've learned thus far, share some techniques for creating a bigger comfort zone, and practice listening with your heart and playing with intent.

Instructor: Kalani Das
Focus: “Musical Interpretations of Poetry, Rhymes & Stories”

Additional information is forthcoming


Group 6 Stay with your Instructor all week
Level: “Coyotes” (Rim Flute Players)
Instructor: Michael Graham Allen – “Coyote Oldman”
– Exploring the vast wilderness of the rim-flute – This class is for anyone of any skill level or lack there of

  • Day 1- The flute is the teacher
  • Day 2- The creative process and finding your own voice
  • Day 3- Improvisation and freedom
  • Day 4- In the music of the moment

Michael Graham Allen will make high quality PVC flutes to be given to each student and will have some pro quality flutes for purchase and some to borrow. It is recommended that you bring your own flute if you would like too.