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Brent Haines - Master Flute Making



Master Flute Making Class by Brent Haines of Woodsounds Flutes to be taught in the afternoons during the Flute School. This class is not a wood working class but rather will focus on art of true flute making. Which means we will spend a great deal of time on:

  • General understanding of the geometries of the flute and why they work
  • What makes a flute one pitch versus another pitch
  • What does wood density and grain fiber do to a flute
  • Voicing flutes
  • Tuning flutes
  • Finish shaping of your flute
  • Application of different finishes waxes, oils, or polyurethanes and the benefits of each

If you register on or before May 20th, you will have the option of choosing the following options for you flute blank when you register:

  • Choice of wood trims for the mouth piece and totem: Cherry or Cambia
  • Choice of Pitch: Low E, Mid F#, Mid G, Mid A, or  High C
  • Choice of Totem: Spirit Claw totem or Pueblo Totem

If no options are selected before the 20th of May, 2014, your blank will be a Mid G with apple wood mouthpiece and a Pueblo Totem.

Fee: $475.00   Class minimum – 5 students; Class Maximum – 10 students. If fewer than 5 students register, class will be cancelled & fees refunded. (Late registrants and people who do not specify wood will receive a flute blank that will make an Eastern Red Cedar flute with Cambia wood mouth piece and Pueblo Totem in the key of Mid G.) 

Master Flute Making Class - $475.00