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Friday evening, 6/23 — join in for the Open Mic & local players concert:  7:00 to 9:00 p.m.

Great local & national talent will amaze and entertain you with all kinds of instruments like: flutes, drums, digeridoos, guitars, shakers, tamborines & more!   YOU can join in on the playing too!    Sign up list will be available at the stage.

BBQ food & drinks will be available for purchase during this time.



Saturday evening, 6/24 — FREE community concert starring Grammy winner: Robert Mirabal!

Shelly and Fabian Coyote Oldman

Robert is a Pueblo musician and Native American flute player and maker from Taos PuebloNew Mexico.

His flutes are world-renowned and have been displayed at the Smithsonian Institution‘s Museum of the American Indian. An award-winning musician and leading proponent of world music, Mirabal performs worldwide, sharing flute songs, tribal rock, dance, and storytelling.

Mirabal was twice named the Native American Music Awards‘ Artist of the Year, and received the Songwriter of the Year award three times. He was featured in Grammy Award winning album, Sacred Ground: A Tribute to Mother Earth in 2006 for Best Native American Music Album

Mirabal also published a book of storytelling poetry and prose in 1994 entitled Skeletons of a Bridge and is currently writing a second book, Running Alone in Photographs. Aside from his artistic talents, Mirabal is a father and a farmer, living in Taos Pueblo and participating in the traditional ways and rituals of his people.

BBQ food & drinks will be available for purchase during this time.




Come see one of the largest Tee Pee’s ever made!

The Tee Pee has a 26 foot diameter and can hold up to 30+ people!

Sign up to play your flute, drums, digeridoo, guitar, shakers, tamborine, and any other instrument inside this authentic Native American Tee Pee!

There will be Native American flute & drum circles both days for you to join in!

There will also be lessons & workshops in this LARGE Tee Pee!





There will be workshops and demonstrations held in the the large Tee Pee & Pavilion and at individual Vendor booths.




Sign up for Native American flute, drum, and other instrument lessons held in the large Tee PeePavilion, and at individual Vendor booths.